Walking In Dominion in Christ - Dr. Olawale Adebo

Mar 19, 2023    Dr. Adebo

Dr. Olawale Adebo's message is centered around the theme of the month Nurturing Your Pride, based on Matthew 17:5.

In this context, pride refers to salvation, faith, victory, and dominion in Christ. To walk in dominion, one must give their life to Jesus Christ and walk in the light of God's Word, constantly seeking to be filled with the Holy Spirit through prayer.

Dominion is what God desires for all His children, and the amount of light we carry determines our dominion in life. Therefore, to have a rich life, we must let the Word of God dwell in us richly, and the devil will always fight our access to the light.

When we serve God acceptably, we will be blessed, and God empowers us by the Holy Spirit for service, to overcome the enemies of our souls, and for Kingdom wealth, among other things.