Hear Ye Him (part 2)

Mar 26, 2023    Bro Chosen Okonrende

The sermon, delivered by Bro Chosen, revolves around the importance of seeking God for who He is, rather than seeking after a "new word" or chasing after prophets who claim to have a special message from God.

He emphasizes the importance of staying rooted in the written word of God, as it is a greater and more reliable source than any prophetic utterance or personal experience.

Bro Chosen cites various Bible verses, such as Deuteronomy 13 and John 6, to support his argument that seeking after personal experiences and new words can lead to deception and idolatry.

He urges listeners to devote themselves to God and His word, and to ask the Holy Spirit to bring to remembrance all that God has spoken.

He encourages them to have a genuine desire to know God more deeply and to have a transformed life, marked by a changed walk, lifestyle, and attitude.